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Whirlpool WHER25 Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration System with Chrome Faucet Review


In this modern 21st, people are getting more conscious about their lifestyle, and they always want to have a more productive life, unlike the people, had in the 90s. That time people were not so much concerned about hygiene and quality of foods and water they were intaking. Except for that thing now day pollution is more in comparison to those good old days. More pollution means more amounts of foreign elements in our food and water. That will cause serious health issues if taken directly. For a longer and healthy life, we have to stay aware of those little things. These steps towards cleanliness will bring happiness to our scheduled time. In the past, people were using a simple filter to filter the prominent and visible particles. At those times, they were not so aware of the mineral compositions and addition of chemical elements to the water and food. In-fact they did not have to worry about those things as they were provided with good quality food and water. As time flew, more of the factories and industries were made, causing a more significant adverse impact on the environment as well as on the water, food etc. to tackle all those problems we have come with an innovative product that is Whirlpool WHER25 Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration System with Chrome Faucet. This reverse osmosis filter has excellent engineering and experts have designed this considering all kind of chemical solvents that can be present in water to make dangerous health hazards. The complete set comes with a water reservoir, 3 number of water filter and surprising with chrome finished faucet. It is a complete package to decor your kitchen and to provide you with ultimate hygiene. This smart appliance has so many features that will please you at a very first glance. We will talk about them in the description part. Expect the filter the included faucet is also of high quality. To make a price cut, we have not compromised with the quality of the product. We have given all the features that an RO filter should have.

First coming to the build quality, you will get top-notched built and design. It is made to give proper service as well as a clean and classic to the home. The high-quality hard plastics are used to make this product, and the joints are made with high precision so that in long term usage, they can give proper service to the user. The filters are also made with ABS plastic that can sustain any accidental invasions that may cause during transportation or due to any mechanical tools while installing. What is more interesting in this product is, it comes with a chrome finished faucet. We do not have to worry about to find a perfect sized tap to fit with it perfectly. We have provided it in the box content to make your problem get resolved. Talking about the quality of the valve, you will be happy to see it as home decor. It comes with chrome finished design and with a great ergonomic shape that will allow the user to use it by holding this firmly. The texture on the faucet will give you extra pleasure while keeping this.

Coming to the finish that has been made with this filter, this filter has a glossy finish that attracts the eyes of the viewer. Along with providing high hygienic water, it will also magnify the look of your kitchen.

This filter has an additional feature which comes handy while times comes for changing of the screen. An indicator light is provided with this filter, which will notify you when your monitor needs to be replaced.

From the manufacturer

UltraEase Reverse Osmosis Filtration System


Get the refreshment and taste of bottled water right from your kitchens faucet. The WHER25 Reverse Osmosis Filtration System decrease many of the chemical solutes contaminants from your tank water to produce great hydration at a very fair value. This reverse osmosis system is designed for use with municipal and private well water supplies.

This system comes with an EZ-Change Indicator Light that notifies the user when the filter needs to be changed. For the replacement of the screen, it takes seconds with our all-new UltraEase Filter replacement technique, so you get more time enjoying the freshwater and less time to worry about if your screen requires to be switched out properly.

Reduce These Harmful Contaminants:

This filter comes with reverse osmosis technology. Scientifically this feature helps in removing any dissolved chemical elements from the water. This filter has a wide range of capability. It can transfer almost all types of impurities from your drinking water.



Microbial Cysts


Dissolved Solids

Better Water for a Healthy Family

Protect Your Home's Water:

According to the EPA, nearly 63 million Americans have been exposed to unsafe drinking water at some point in the last ten years. We rely on clean water to remain healthy and hydrated, and water filtration systems provide peace of mind to homeowners so they can trust the water coming out of their faucet.

Space-Saving Design:

Its time to take back your kitchen. The area under your sink is a useful place to store household items, and our under sink filtration systems small footprint allows you more storage options than any other under sink filtration unit available.

Whirlpool UltraEase Water Filter Replacements:

UltraEase Filters: Insert. Twist. That's It.

The UltraEase Filter Replacement needs a simple quarter-turn of your wrist to eject the old filter and replace it with a new filter. You never have to touch a dirty screen or turn off your water supply, so changing your screen is a breeze.

6-Month Filter Life:

Most water filters need to be replaced every 2-3 months. Our systems are an entirely different story. The EZ-Change Indicator Light will let you know when it's time to change filters, so you always have the cleanest water available.


The Whirlpool WHER25 Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System provides the best quality drinking water right at your kitchen sink without any exertion! It creates quality water for drinking, cooking, coffee and ice. Plus, you no longer need to haul around rare cases of bottled water! The Whirlpool RO water filter system has an instruction manual for DIY installation with it (that is no professional plumbing is needed) making it very easy to connect with your existing main water line under your kitchens sink. This system is NSF certified, and the third-party tested to ensure it performs as advertised. Proudly built in the USA. The Whirlpool Reverse Osmosis System has patented UltraEase technology that allows the users for easy filter change with no time with zero mess or hassle. It means no need to turn off your water supply or touch dirty, contaminated filter media when it comes time to change your filters. We also include an EZ-Change indicator light that notifies you when it is time to change filters. The used pre and post-filters should be exchanged in every six months, and the WHEERM membrane of the screen should be replaced after every two years to maintain the system and let the system working efficiently and to make sure the best quality water is available for your healthy life. WHER25 order contains one-month filter set (WHEERF), dedicated filtered water faucet, water storage tank, one two year membrane (WHEERM), installation fittings, colour coded tubing and a push-in connector. This Whirlpool system reduces or removes many contaminants including lead, cysts, dissolved solids, chlorine taste and odor, sediment, arsenic (pentavalent), barium, cadmium, chromium (VL), chromium (III), copper, nitrate, nitrite, radium, selenium, fluoride, turbidity, ammonium, bicarbonate, bromide, chloride, magnesium, sodium, sulfide, tannin, zinc and chemicals.

Features & details:

Better than bottled water Reverse Osmosis filtered water tastes better than bottled water Convenient, unlimited and refreshing, and for a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

Safer drinking water Reduce chlorine taste and odour, sediment, cysts, lead, chemicals, and dissolved solids that show up in unfiltered tap water.

Change your filter within no time Ultraease Technology will allow you for an easy, and hassle-free filter changes experience without any open sumps. No experts are required for this process. Just by following the user manual, any person can fit this filter to their main water line below their sink.

Save space this filter is designed in such a way that it will consume very less amount of your kitchen space and let you keep other stuff in those saved spaces. Our 3-stage filter system has the same job as the other competitors instead of having 5 and 6 stage filters, we believe in quality. So we have made a smart move and increased the efficiency of each filter which is equivalent to any of the 5 and 6 stage filter taking a lot more space inside your kitchen. It also means a fewer filter change will be required along with saving space.

Extra-long filter life as we have promised to deliver world-class technology to our customers. It is so efficient, by the help of this filter get clean and fresh tasting water with fewer filter changes work and a durable membrane that will last for years.

Forget the guesswork The EZ Change Indicator Light lets you know when your filter needs to be changed.

Whats inside the box:

To maintain the look and finish of our product, we ship our products with great care. The products are getting wrapped with many layers of bubble wrappers for safety purpose. On opening the box, you will get one dedicated filtered chrome finished water faucet, one WHEERF filter set, 1 two year membrane (WHEERF). The box comes with the central body part of this filter that is one water storage tank along with with the installation fitting components. That's not the end to the box content. This package also comes with colour coded tubing and push-in connectors.

Solid overview:

This filter is compact in size and able to save more of your storage just by having three storage system. The dimensions of the screen are 13.5 x 14.5 x 15.5 inches. These numbers are making this filter very small to fit in anywhere in your kitchen. It is also lightweight as it just weighs 13.1 pounds. You will not get any problem while installing this below your kitchen sink. For its working, one lithium metal battery is required.

This filter comes in white colour, that will give a beautiful and classic look to your kitchen. The glossy finish to the outer side will surely attract the attention of the viewers.

Warranty and pricing;

Being loaded with such smart features, this filter does not demand a higher price. We always try to maintain the price to performance ratio. We have designed this filter for every category of people so that anyone can afford this for their home. This filter will cost you just 121$. Paying this amount, you will get more than your expectation. The fierce competition makes us demand such an affordable price for this product, which will satisfy the buyers.

Being one of the trusted manufacturers present in the market we have promised to ourselves that customer satisfaction will be our first ever priority. So if you will get any kind technical problem under the warranty period, come to us, and we will fix that out without any saying.


When all are busy making their profits, we care for our user and about their hygienics. We have designed this filter for having a healthy and productive lifestyle. The powerful three storage system and the flowless water delivering system will help the users to enjoy unlimited fresh water right from their kitchen. Considering all the features that are provided with this, we have tried our best to keep the price as low as possible. After all, in the sake of a better and healthy lifestyle, this Whirlpool WHER25 Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration System is one of the best buys for you.

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