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SilverOnyx Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter, Carbon Filter for Large Room 500 sq ft Review


Breathing good air is very important. Not only inhaling good air is very important, but inhaling pure air is somewhat even more critical and necessary. The air that we inhale should be pure Oxygen only. Except for Oxygen, whatever you inhale is toxic and harmful to the human body. With the increasing modernisation, technology has got some new shape. With technology, you can do so many things without actually doing it physically

But this growing and trending technological developments have also brought us several unimagined problems. But we are the reasons for Air pollution. To tackle this, we have come up with a brighter solution that is an Air Purifier. An Air Purifier is a technological solution by which you can get complete purified air to inhale. An Air Purifier not only purifies the air but has several other essential aspects.

It should be carefully maintained that the Air Purifier that you are looking for must be durable and at the same time, it must be having a reasonable price. SilverOnyx has brought an Air Purifier for the consumers, and it is important to know every little detail about it before buying the product.


The Air Purifier by SilverOnyx has several components in it. It comes with a HEPA Filter along with an Air Quality Monitor. Technologically it is a very device. The device also comes with an Ionizer and even a Home Air Cleaner system. A Carbon Filter is also present in the machine. All the components serve different functions.
filter for silveronyx air purifier


A single Air Purifier has several important parts, and each component has many functions. The gadget comes with advanced technology and features. Some of the essential features are discussed below in a pointwise manner:


There are a lot of companies selling Air Purifiers at a very high price. The Air Purifier by SilverOnyx has a huge area as compared to the other Air Purifiers in the market. It has an extra surface area of over 60%, which is very high as compared to others. The surface area of SilverOnyx Air Purifier is completely unparalleled and unmatched with other Air Purifiers in the market, which is a very big advantage f or the consumers.

2. FILTRATION:The stages of filtration in the Air Purifier by SilverOnyx is very evident. There are five stages of filtration, and at the end, it provides you with the most purified air. Technologically AirOnyx has taken care of eliminating the minute harmful particle from the air. Advanced Technology is involved in purifying the air so that pure air can reach to everyone in the house. There is a PM2.5 Senor which controls the air flow and helps in ensuring that the best quality of air reaches out to the members in the house.


There are several parts of the Air Purifier, and every element has a vital role. Initially, there is a Mesh Preliminary Filter that has a function of extracting larger particles. The purifier has the purpose of trapping every massive particle, and this is the first step of making purified air. There is an H13 HEPA Filter that helps in cleaning the air in the next level. The filtration takes place so carefully, thus leaving no particles behind. In the next level, there is an Activated Carbon Filter having a neutralising function of removing odours and the very next step a Negative ion Generator is present which has an essential service that is the removal of the harmful particles that are present in the air. The Negative Ion Generator traps every kind of particle in the atmosphere. The UV Light Sanitiser is another critical component in the Air Purifier and has an essential function of removing harmful germs from the air.


Using the purifier is, even, more comfortable and faster. There is a timer system in the purifier in which you can set up the time for purification. After the particular time that you have set the purifier automatically gets turn off, which is an excellent feature. You dont have to wait for the time or look at the clock for the purifier to get turned off. When the work is done, it will be turned off automatically in no time. There is another outstanding feature of this purifier that when there is a need to change the Filter, the Air Purifier gives you an alert. By the signal, by the Air Purifier, you can replace the Filter, which is a considerable process. The UV Sanitiser light works along with a photo catalyst for the removal of the harmful germs in the air.


The Air Purifier has a compact structure, and it is very light weighted. It is effortless to handle. The handy structure of the Air Purifier helps you to carry the device everywhere. This Air Purifier is specially designed for filtering the rooms in homes which are upto 500 square ft. This Air Purifier is just very ideal for removing smoke.


The Air purifier is very versatile. Five stages of cleaning the polluted air are the advanced technology used to get the best results. Technology not only removes the bigger particles, but it is ideal for removing the smallest size of particles. The filtration process makes the air free from allergens and the bacteria that are present in the air. There is a pre-filter that efficiently traps the bigger particles. The HEPA H13 filter has the capacity of removing nearly 99.97% of the dust. This Filter can even purify the air by removing the allergens, which are in size of 0.3 microns. Every kind of odour and smell are removed. This purifier gives the best air purifying results.
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Model name: HEPA 5 Speed

Colour: Black

Model year:2017

Features: True HEPA Filter, Air Ionizer, UV Light, Powerful five speeds for up to 500 square fit rooms

UL Listed: yes

Batteries required: No

Shipping weight: 4.95 pounds


Although several components are present in the Air Purifier by SilverOnyx the advantages of these components are numerous that to in a very reasonable price. Several benefits are attached with this single Air Purifier. This technology helps you to get purified air free from all kind of pollutants and germs. Some of the benefits of this device are mentioned below in a pointwise manner:


The technology of purifying the air by the Air Purifier is quite evident. It has the technology to remove the biggest as well as the smallest particle in the air. Dust and allergens are removed so finely. This purifier easily removes airborne pollutants, pet dander, pollen, dust mites, mould spores all. It is the versatility of the Air Purifier that it can remove every kind of contaminant.


The Air purifier not only can purify the air, but it also removes bad odour and even smokes. In an all whole way, it helps in freshening the quality of air. You find that you get cleansed air by using this gadget. The activated carbon filter is another essential component in this device, which helps in removing all carbon particles from the air. Carbon, which is the most harmful component in the air that we inhale.


It is a perfect solution for medically treated persons. It helps in lessening your allergies, and it is an excellent initiative if you are undergoing treatment for your lungs. It is wise for patients who are undergoing medical treatment in homes. It is effortless to set up and even to use. Overall it is very wise for the houses to buy this Air Purifier by SilverOnyx.


The ability of the Air Purifier to clean up the dust is incredible. It can remove hefty dirt from the air. It does the job awesome by pulling out massive dust particles from the air. By removing the dust particles from the air, almost 90% of the work of removing harmful particles from the air is over. It helps in removing a significant allergen that is pollen. It is a very efficient Air purifier in terms of purification.


1. First, you need to shut down the entire system and unplug the unit.

2. Then you need to turn the existing Filter that is required to replace in a counter-clockwise manner so that you can remove it from the system.

3. Then you need to lift the Filter to remove it from the entire purifier system.

4. When you remove the Filter you can clean the parts of the Air Purifier and after cleaning you can replace the system with a new filter, and there will be a continuation of the purification of the polluted air.

5. The Air Purifier even comes with a user guide for the customers by which you can understand the steps of removing the Filter and replacing a new one.


Several reasons are there for considering the Air Purifier by SilverOnyx.Some of the detailed regarding the investment in this Air Purifier is given below in a pointwise manner:


By this Air purifier, you are going to get the best quality of air. The air will be free from all kind of pollutants and even allergens. This purifier can remove all types of odours and smell. This gadget can filter the massive particles that are present in smoke. This purifier will help the members of the housed in lessening their allergy symptoms, which were mostly due to pollens and bacteria. When this gadget work, you will get fresh air every time.


This Air Purifier is a real advantage for patients who require fresh air every time. This device ensures pollutant-free air every time, which is a boon for the sick people. By this, they will be prevented from allergies and infections. This Air Purifier can increase its air inhaling capacity.


The customers who are already using this product have recommended this device to other consumers who are willing to buy this product. The users of this product strongly suggest this product for every house. It is a remedy for patients who are undergoing medical treatment and homes and require proper ventilation. For this, they need to inhale pure and fresh air. Air purifier by SilverOnyx is just a perfect solution for all your inhaling problems. The Air Purifier will not only give you good air but also a very fresh atmosphere. Users love the filtration capacity of this gadget. Its 360 degrees of purification technology is a very advanced technology used in this gadget.


The brand SilverOnyx has been giving essential gadgets to its customers all these years. Not only the Air purifier but it has produced several required products in these years which are technologically smart and even long-lasting. And the most important thing is it provides such gadgets that are having a very reasonable price. SilverOnyx not only ensures excellent efficiency of the product but also takes care that the customers are satisfied or not by their customer's services. The company has a provision to provide immediate support to its customers if there is any technical error. SilverOnyx assures the customers the quality of its product as well as the price factor. It is not possible to find an Air Purifier similar to that of SilverOnyx in this price. It is quite affordable. Air Purifier has become an essential gadget and is also required in every household so that they get fresh and pollutant-free air. It is wise to choose an Air Purifier, which is not only technologically convenient but also should be durable and reliable. SilverOnyx brings you a convincing product, and it should be a must-try for all the consumers.

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