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RO Expansion Tank 4 Gallon – NSF Certified Review


As we are getting smarter day by day, we are also adopting more intelligent home appliances in our home to have a better and productive lifestyle. From a pin to smartphones, we are getting very much concerned about our picks. According to fulfil all the requirements of the users, manufacturers are also getting heedful about their products. Coming to a smart home, we use various smart appliances inside our home. While the kitchen is one of the significant parts of our house, we need to bring the best possible products to fit here. Except for the smart cooker and micro oven etc., we always try to get proper supply of water inside our kitchen, so that the food processing can be done quickly and we get seem-less drinking water. Unlike those old days, we are replacing the big water tanks to save more of our space and for a better experience of getting water without any issue. So what should be the substitutions? Nothing to worry. Here we are presenting you the versatile water tank, RO Expansion tank 4 Gallon. As you can see from the name that it has a capacity of storing around 3.2-gallon water at a time and can deliver clean and contaminant-free water continuously. The rest of the space is occupied by air bladder, which is needed to draw the water from the Tank.
expansion tank for ro system

It has many reliable features. This Tank has a free tank valve through which it delivers water. It has a convenient set up for connecting tubes quickly. Not only this, but this Tank also comes with a tank stand to secure the tank base.

When it comes to the quality of plastic, you need not get worried at all. All the components are high-quality food-grade, and NSF certified.

This Tank is made up of excellent quality plastic. It can last up to several years without any wears and tears. This comes with such a compact size that it can get fitted under the sink of your kitchen very quickly.

At the top of the Tank, there is a stainless-steel water connection. Just below this, there is a virgin polypropylene liner, and there is a steel dome just below the polypropylene liner. Then comes a high-grade chlorobutyl diaphragm. Then comes a polypropylene shell. At the very bottom part of this Tank, there is an air bladder, which helps in dragging the water from the Tank.

From the manufacturer:

Heavy Duty Construction

All of the materials are made to sure your water is tasteless, odourless, and contaminant free.

The outside, as well as the inside of the Tank, is entirely smooth to prevent damage to the bladder.

The Tank is coated with a two-part epoxy primer and finished with polyurethane to resist damage even in the outdoors. That means it can withstand the water corrosions for a more extended period.

The adjustable bladder is made of high-grade Chlorobutyl rubber and is completely airtight. This material is very much flexible and can't easily burst at a slight massive expansion.

The inside liner is made of Virgin Polypropylene, the most durable coating even on a molecular level. We have provided this thing with such less budget water tank because we believe in quality and always try our best to deliver an optimal user experience to our customers.

All the Water You Need

The TankRO 4 Gallon Water Tank is designed to ensure your water remains as clean, contaminant-free, and pure tasting as when it entered. From a hygiene point of view, we have tried our best to treat you with such products that will be entirely reliable for your daily usage.

A 4-gallon tank can hold 3.2 gallons of water. All tanks have a certain amount of their capacity used by the air bladder, which is necessary for drawing water from the Tank.

Tank Valve Included:

A free 1/4" tank valve is included

Quick Connect Compatible:

Compatible setup for fast connect tubing

Free Tank Stand:

Comes with a tank stand to secure the Tank

Be Confident:

All components are high-quality food-grade and NSF Certified

A sealed brass air nozzle and o-ring sealed air valve caps means consistent air pressure

Designed to last over five years

Certificate# C0353911-02, Issue Date: January 16, 2018


The TankRO 4 Gallon Water Storage Tank gives tasteless, odourless, and contaminant-free water. Get a good quality tank on which you can trust today. The post-treated diaphragm results in sterile water distribution to keep your pool safe and consumable. The water reservoir can contain up to 3.2 gallons of water at the same time, and the rest of the storage area is occupied by the pressurized air bladder, which lets you draw water from the Tank. This Tank comes with a free tank ball valve and one free tank stand. All the components of this Tank are NSF certified. This Tank is designed to fit under sinks. This water-holding tank can be installed in most of the kitchen cabinets, and it comes to work when lying on its side or in an upright position. The Tank is durability tested in several situations and is provided with one year of manufacturer warranty. The maximum working pressure of this RO tank is about 100 PSI. The Tank is also designed to sustain the outdoor components with a double-layered epoxy primer and polyurethane paint finish. This cab is used as a fully functional pressure tank for any water wells. The water accumulator chamber of this Tank has the highest grade of polypropylene and virgin polypropylene that means you have the most durable and smooth interior linings. This Tank is designed to last with heavy-duty commercial construction with the help of preinstalled sustainable deep drawn steel domes, and the precision welded seams. By using this Tank, Improve your water today.

Features & details:

KEEP YOUR WATER HEALTHY - This Tank is made up of 100% food-grade materials with a post treated diaphragm to make sure that there are no chemicals present in your water.

FREE TANK VALVE with this Tank there is an open tank valve included that is designed for 1/4" hole quick connect setup.

CERTIFIED QUALITY - This Tank is NSF certified, we include a one year, and every Tank is tested at multiple stages to make sure it will last

COUNT ON YOUR TANK this Tank is designed to sustain heavy-duty commercial construction with a durable deep drawn steel dome and with the precision welded seams.

WHERE YOU NEED IT As this Tank is too compact, you can fit it anywhere in your kitchen mainly below the sinks. It has a small size of 15 x 12 x 12 that can be easily get installed under most kitchen sinks.

WHEN YOU NEED IT when the demand is very high, or there are more people in a family or when guests come to our home, that time 4 gallons storage gives you water on demand without any issue.

Solid overview:

This Tank comes with a very compatible size that can be easily are fitted below the sink of any kitchen. The stable build quality provides its durability against water corrosions and from other external elements. The base is supported by a stand, which gives it more stability. This water tank weighs 7.65 pounds. It is very light weight can be carried to anywhere easily. The overall dimension is designed as per a standard kitchen size. This small size does not take much of your space. The dimensions are 15 x 12 x 12 inches. This Tank is made up of steel from inside. The outer portion is made up of high-quality plastics.

Box contents:

We believe in productivity. Hence, we have tried to keep our box content as less as possible. No unnecessary paperwork is provided. The box contains one number of the water tank, one tank ball valve and it comes with a tank stand.

Along with these materials, we are also providing a user manual so that the user will not face any problem while fitting it in the proper position. We describe the simplest way to install it properly. By the help of the manual, one average person can quickly provide this within some hour. Besides the user manual, it also comes with a warranty leaflet, which is a mandatory thing we guess. By showing this, you can avail the after-sell services from the manufacturer. Nothing more is provided inside the box content. The water tanks come wrapped with bubble wraps to avoid any scratches and other invasions.

Colours and finishes:

Along with providing excellent service, this Tank is no more behind when it comes to its looks and feels. This Tank comes in white colour, which will give it an elegant look and make your kitchen looks cleaner. The outer part has a glossy, shiny finish that will quickly have someone's attention. It has a textured finish that will help this to carry easily and prevent any slips while transferring this. We have applied the best quality colour coating to it. It will easily last for many years. The colour coating helps the tanks against moisture invasions and other water corrosion.

Warranty and pricing:

Before concluding, we would like to make you know about its price. With such a high build quality, no other water tank can compete with this RO Expansion tank at this price point. Can you guess what may be its price? Neither 100$ nor 50$, we have kept its price below 50$. We are offering this expansion tank just for 39 bucks. What do you need more from an expansion tank? With a reasonable price, it offers a lot and looks absolute promising to deliver you unlimited services if appropriately treated. We have tried our best to maintain our reputation by keeping the best price to performance ratio. As the values and productivity go on increasing, we are getting more concern about our product quality and customer service.

After buying this, you don't need to take any further tension. If any damage happens to this product, it will be completely our responsibility to fix it within no time. It has an extended one year of the manufacturer warranty; we will fix this means all the damage caused within one year without spending a single buck. For us, customer satisfaction is prior than our benefits and business. We are here for them, so we are always ready to provide excellent service once they become our buyer.

The bottom line:

With the change of time, our lifestyle is also changing accordingly. We are adopting smart things and appliances that can easily get our work done. Nowadays people are getting more concern about the quality of the products they are buying. There are also various other manufacturers present in the market, but makes us unique is our productivity, quality and customer support. We are working continuously on our products and try to invent more new products that will deliver you a valuable lifestyle. Being one of the biggest manufacturers, people are using our products across the globe. We always get a positive response from our buyer. Being manufactured from our corporation, this water tank also holds the legacy of great quality and reliability. The materials used in this water tank are top notched. The provided base stand gives this water tank more stability on the floor.
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After all, we are proud to deliver such a product in service of humanity and return we are demanding such a lesser price, that makes some sense indeed. What you have to do is grab this product to your home and later realize what if you hadn't taken it to our house and kept using those old traditional water tanks. With no doubt, this stands as an excellent buy for the consumers both from price and performance point of view.





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