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Rabbit Air BioGS Purifier SPA 550A Review


The pollutants in the air are increasing day by day, which has called for the need for air purifiers to get rid of all the dust and minute suspended particles. Moreover, one might think that what is the lack of a purifier inside the home from free impurities. It would be intimidating thinking about that. The particles in the air are very minute, which can arrange for havoc in your personal life. So be careful, be safe. In today's world, air pollution is not just the polluted air coming out of car exhausts and factories. The minute suspended particles like dust mites. Pollen, pet dander and mould spores can bring havoc to your healthy family. If you want to give your family a better air to breathe in inside your homes, then Rabbit Air Biogs series air purifiers stand out to be the only option.

The Rabbit Air BiogsH:

This revolutionary product is designed to keep your living space free from unwanted dust and pollutants. The Rabbit Air BiogsH is best suited for rooms that have dimensions up to 360 Sq. Ft. The purifier comes with a four-stage purifier system that keeps all the impurities away from you. The four-stage purification system consists of:

  • Pre-Filter
  • Deodorization Filter
  • True Hepa Filter
  • Vital Ion

The Rabbit Air Biogs series purifiers are highly efficient in removing suspended particles in the air up to 99.97%. Not only suspended particles, but also the true heap purifiers restrict the pollens, allergens, and pollutants from causing harm to the humans living. The deodorization layer of the purification channel takes care of any bad odour present inside the home. It is highly effective in removing bad organic components and the smell coming out from them.

Its Smart:

The Rabbit Air Biogs series filters come equipped with a pollution sensor that checks for the quality of air at every instant. You can know about the quality of air by from the instrument panel cluster. It has got a brightly coloured LED's indicating what the quality of air is. And moreover, it also lets you know about the lifetime of the product. The LED indicators will let you know when the time has come for a filter change.

Control in your hands:

In the Rabbit Air Biogs air purifiers, you get the full power of the product in your hands. It lets you control the fan speeds in three different stages, namely 1, 2, and 3. Apart from variable fan speeds, you get auto mode which uses its intuitiveness and augments the fan speed variations. The purifier also comes with an eco-mode. This eco mode is used for energy saving.

When the purifier detects that the air is clean for 30 minutes and there are no more pollutants, then it will automatically stop the fan, and then it will automatically go into ECO mode and wait for the enhancement of any pollutant in the considered area. It also gives you the option to select the operating time. There are three settings for the timing, which starts at 1 hour. The next setting is at 4 hours, and the last set time limit is 8 hours. With all these, you can make the purifier work contingent on time selected.

The Rabbit Air Biogs series air purifiers also give you an option to either turn on or turn off the vital ionizer.

After having this isnt it like having total control over the product. Yes, indeed!

The Operation:

The Rabbit Air BiogsH range of air purifiers can purifier can be used to cover an area up to 361 Sq.Ft. It can be used in any place inside your home. It is best suited for living spaces in apartments and other middle-sized spaces. The fact that makes the purifier to work under any circumstances is the capable and long-life HEPA filter. HEPA Air Purifiers filters stand for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. The HEPA filter is a type of mechanical air filter that is aimed at forcing the air through a mesh of delicate materials that can trap all the harmful suspended particles that can be of great danger for the humans. These filters are highly efficient in removing tobacco smoke, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and many other fine particles and make the air healthy.

Being designed for a wide range of operation, it comes with many airflow modes, helpful sleep timer and filter change indicators, which makes the product more intuitive and reliable to use.

The Rabbit Air Biogs Purifier is highly energy-efficient and has got a very less power consumption timeline. The unit is of 77 W, which is just very less than any other light electrical product in your household. The purifier has got a very less noise level during its operation. The noise levels are in between 24.4 dB to 53.8 dB.
rabbit air biogs 2.0

Special features that make Rabbit Purifiers stand out:

  • The Rabbit Air Biogs series air purifiers are equipped with four-stage purification. The first stage is prefilter, the second stage is the odour filter, the third stage is a right HEPA Air Purifiers filter, and the help of a bipolar ionizer does the final stage of purification.
  • The effective air quality indicator indicates the quality of air at every instant on a real-time basis. From the colour of the LED, you can know about how pure and impure the air around you are.
  • The Rabbit Air Biogs air purifiers are highly intuitive. They come with an auto mode that senses the quantity of the suspended particle in the air and then directs itself to work. It can adjust the fans speed following the quantity of the suspended particles.
  • The Rabbit Air Biogs air purifier has a sleep functionality that lets the air purifier stop its operation after a specific period of service. You can schedule the air purifier to operate for 1/4/8 hours depending upon your needs.
  • It comes with a service indicator. When the filters need to be washed or changed, the purifier will give you an indication for the same.
  • In this age of modernization, the number of suspended particles in the air has increased to a greater extent. To counter that, the Rabbit Air Biogs purifier put the bipolar ionizer into use in the fourth stage of operation. This vital ion system moves forward to generate an electrochemical reaction, which in term reduces the particles in the air.
  • It has got intermittent modes of operations. The purifier comes with three fan speeds. You can adjust the settings according to your need.

Benefits of an Air Ionizer in Rabbit Air Biogs Series Air Purifiers:

The air ionizer is a purification stage that removes particles from the air by charging the air molecules with the help of electricity. This has been one of the significant components of all the modern-day air purifiers. They not only can remove the suspended air particles but also, they can remove the microbes, bad odours, particulate matters and many more. When the air gets purified by this stage, it becomes healthy for the people living around to breathe. The filtered air is simply the best for people suffering from several ailments like Asthma, allergies and many other respiratory diseases.

Air ionizers depend on on the biochemical possessions of ions. An ion is a charged unit. Air ionizers make negative ions using electrical energy and then release them to the air. The released charged ion is attached to the other positive charges suspended particle in the air. The positively charged particles can be allergens, pollen, bacteria, smoke, and dust. These charged particles from a bond of each other and move forward to create a more robust and dense particle which makes them unable to float in the air. They fall to the ground and rest there. One can sweep the floors to get rid of all such particles in the room.

According to some pieces of evidence all around, it is found that bipolar air ionizers have been highly successful in cleansing the air. They are competent to remove the bacteria, dust, moulds, soot, bad odours, pollen, cigarette smoke and many more. They have helped in decreasing the occurrence of allergies and also have been highly successful and effective in driving out hay fever and many other seasonal allergies. It is found that people who have Asthma had to face a lot of difficulties when they are exposed to polluted air. Once they are in the vicinity of the Rabbit Air Biogs series air purifiers, they have noticed a difference and also ease in breathing.

The bipolar air ionizers used in the Rabbit Air Biogs purifiers can be highly effective in improving the sleeping patterns and relieving tension. If the studies are to believed, then it can be found that when one uses an air ionizer in their private or office places, a number of the seasonal affective disorder may be reduced to a considerable amount. When you are subjected to breathe in a purified environment, your body gets acquainted with that it stays in union with well-being. People who always breathe purified air have low blood pressure. They have high resistance to infection and low skin temperature too. The respiratory rate also remains low, which increases well-being to a considerable amount.

The Rabbit Air purifier not only clean but also sanitizes your air:

The Rabbit Air Biogs range of air purifier is designed for the new age homes and residents. This revolutionary product is not only aimed at cleansing the air around you but also it sanitizes the area. Bad odours are always a let down in a closed space. And it takes a lot of effort to get rid of them. But when you have Rabbit Air Biogs Series air purifiers in your home, there is no point of thinking about bad odours. The Rabbit Air Biogs Series air purifiers increase the air quality inside your home by eliminating the bad odours with the help of their state of art odour filters. The lousy odour filter in amalgamation with the bipolar ionizer is highly effective in killing microbes in both residential and commercial spaces.
rabbit air biogs 2.0 ultra quiet hepa air purifier (spa-625a)


When the product is entitled to cut through the pollutants and other suspended particles in the air, it is for sure that you would need to change the filter membrane from time to time. But the Rabbit Air Biogs makes it easy for you. You dont need to check the filters from time to time. The filter replacement indicator light will let you known when it is time to change the filter membranes. It notifies you for both the prefilter and HEPA Air Purifiers filter. You can wash the screens for some point in time and then they would expect a new one to be replaced.

These air purifiers also do not require a change of filter from time to time. The Rabbit Air Biogs Series air purifiers come with HEPA Air Purifiers filters that are known for their long life. So, you dont need to change them very frequently. You need to get them washed from time to time. And only when the purifier indicates for a change in the filter, you need to replace it. This should be your definite pick for your homes.

Always light on your wallet.

The Rabbit Air Biogs Series air purifiers are always light on your wallet. Be it the initial investment of getting one of them and the regular maintenance costs. These units do not necessitate for pricy maintenance, which is the case for many air purifiers. Apart from that, you would also be happy to know that these air purifiers consume very less amount of electricity. This is the only reason for being a part of numerous residential and commercial spaces.

The endnote:

The time has come to be your loved ones what they desire in terms of a healthy living environment. And a healthy living environment starts with healthy air to breathe in. So get one of this new age air purifiers to make your living space better as never before. And moreover, your family members will love the product as well as it sits well within the overall aesthetics of your home.

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