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PUR 3-Stage Horizontal Water Filtration Faucet Mount Chrome FM-9400B Review


Importance of water filters. Today if you can afford a home brewer or a chimney, it is mandatory for you to own a water filter. Not because it is fancy but because it is healthy. These filtration mechanisms stop the flow of mineral setting down, sediments, and other pollutants from leaching into the water. It is not only beneficial for your health but letting these things operate will hinder the smooth operation of your machine. An excellent tool will run more effectively when the mineral deposits dont settle. The PUR FM-9400B device not only gives us healthy water, but also enhances the taste and mitigates the foul smell of water.

Although there are water laws in more country, someone can't have control over the source of the water. So to reduce risks, people have often resorted to these devices to add an extra coating of protection to your drinking water. The generic types of filters are as follows.

  • Carbon-based systems- carbon is generally a porous substance and soaks in impurities as they pass through its entries. They help filter PCBs, byproducts of chlorine, lead, certain parasitical organisms and pesticides, and minute quantities of gasoline and drug particles.
  • Reverse osmosis filters- sometimes used in tandem with carbon filters, these systems provoke the water to pass through a semi-permeable layer which is an even finer filter. Even though these filters are an upgrade to the carbon filters, as it can remove even microscopic particles (including fluorides and industrial solvent). And they have a drawback of wasting water during the filtration process.
  • Ultraviolet systems- these systems, disinfect water by killing them with ultraviolet radiation. They are often used in the last stage, or as a last resort in the filtration process. And it is suggested that they should get used alongside carbon, filters to make sure that solid contaminants get dealt with in all earnestness.

About PUR water filters
This company works under the umbrella brand of Helen of Troy Limited and produces filters and other auxiliaries of it that include dispenser, faucets, and pitchers. The company is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are, however, best known for their extensive filtration devices.

PUR FM 9400B

  1. It is a state of the art water filtration system
  2. Helps to maintain the integrity of your drinking water by removing pollutants like lead, mercury, sediment solids, and chlorine-based products.
  3. Its dimensions are friendly for accommodation and mobility as it is a compact device with negligible weight.
  4. It makes use of a three-staged purification mechanism
  5. It is an ergonomic and cost-saving machine, as it saves water and doesnt make use of water bottles.

If drinking water is an exercise in which you would like to invest, then the PUR FM-9400B is something that you need to get hold of. The state of the art faucet filter is likely to turn your water tastier than usual and healthy too. The model is available in three beautiful colors, which include silver, white, and chrome. The chrome adds sophistication to your device, whereas the white is simplistic. The service, however, is undeterred.

The PUR FM-9400B weighs less than a kilogram, and its size is 4*5*5 and hence doesnt appear bulky or space consuming and is movable. The PUR FB is most effective against contaminants found in water that flows out of taps. Since it makes use of the mineral precise technology. It can cleanse out sediments, petroleum products, chlorine-based products, additives, non-reactive metals, and traces of chemical drug and disease-causing micro-organisms.

The filtered water that comes out on the other side of the tap is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. The tripartite filtration system that comes constituted with one water filter and a faucet help in preserving the minerals while making sure that the water is gets filtered. Its of great advantage for the environment as it mitigates pollution and does away with the idea of using plastic bottles and pushes people to drink more water.

The PUR FM-9400B produces about 100 gallons of water in about sixty to ninety days, and the substitute piece for this device is PUR RF-9999. This piece is as easily attachable as the former piece.

From the user manual of the PUR FM 9400B

Installation of the device:

  • At the very beginning remove the original aeration mechanism alongside its washer that comes equipped with a water faucet
  • Make sure that the new adapter is compatible with the threading of the faucet
  • The thing to remember is that the box comes equipped with the adapters and washers
  • The new adapter, should be screwed tight with a washer
  • You need your hands to do this and nothing else
  • Make sure that the faucet and the washer gets properly tightened
  • Swivel the cover on the top of the faucet and place the filter there
  • It is okay if the filter is loose on the top of the faucet, make sure that you have placed the top cover on the filter again.
  • There will be a sound indicating a proper fitting of the filter with the faucet

How to use the device?
The PUR FM-9400B is very user-friendly and hence, doesnt require much external learning. You have to allow the cold water to drip out of the faucet for five minutes before you drink it for the first time. Make sure that no hot water flows through the insides of the faucet. One more thing to notice while using this PUR FM-9400B is that a green light will always be on whenever the machine is in use. After a proper use of the filter for an extended period, the color of the light will change to yellow, indicating that the filter needs to be changed soon. When the light has already turned red, you should instantly replace the filter for a new one.

The best part about this device is that it can accommodate itself nicely in any sink without disturbing the integrity of the tub.

Maintenance of the device
Owning a PUR FM-9400B doesnt guarantee you of its longevity. One needs to take care of it. A few factors to remember when you want to service the device

  • When the adapters of the faucet are not compatible, and are hence ill-fitting. Ensure that the new adapter and the washer are being used. Also, have a keen eye on the fact that the used aeration device and the appliance gets disposed. The adapter should have a firm fit.
  • When the flow of the water has mellowed down, make sure you change the faucet filter cartridge.
  • If you are facing trouble while replacing the old water filter cartridge, then make use of the instant release switch on the faucet filter. It will enable swiveling of the cartridge and will loosen the water filter.
  • If there is leakage of water from the exterior surface of the filter cover, it is an indication that the installation went wrong. The faucet water cartridge should be removed and properly installed.

Other filters to choose from
APEC Top-Tier 5 stage

This PUR FM-9400B is amongst the best available in the market. It filters water on the principle of reverse osmosis. The screen is known to pass water through a five-stage process of filtration, removing almost 100% contaminants in the process.

Apart from the reverse osmotic mechanism, this machine also makes use of carbon filters. It can be set up under your sink. Because it uses high-quality filters, it can withstand the brunt of standard as well as tap water. It removes heavy metals with relative ease.

APEX Countertop
It is possibly the favorite product for reviewers, has got rave reviews. It is very suitable for domestic water as the device sits on the top, removing pollutants that are common in household water like waterborne bacteria, pesticides, and chlorine. The best part of the machine is that anyone can install it.

CuZn UC-200
This device should be connected to the cold water inlet that is linked to your sink. It can purify domestic connection of municipal water supply too. It also has a three-tier filtration process and removes sediments, pesticides, and chlorine-based substances. They also deal with algae and make sure that the water is colorless, and not pungent. Reviewers are in awe of it because it is heavy-duty and can purify stubborn water.

If you are done with the old school way of fitting a filter to the pipe, you can by this product and hang it against the faucet. It removes many impurities from the tap directly by using an activated carbon filter. The one function that needs to be done to set this device up, is to screw it tightly against the faucet, and that can be done sans tools.

Each filter can be made use of for purification of approximately 100 gallons of water, implying that the filters need changing after 2-3 months of extended usage. The build quality of this machine is also durable

Brita On Tap Faucet
It takes just five simple steps to attach the PUR FM-9400B to your faucet. This device also uses an activated carbon filtration system and clears out asbestos and chlorine from water. As an add-on, it also has an internal filter indication system that lets you know when to replace the filter.

Berkey BX-4X2
For a big family, which spends more water daily, this PUR FM-9400B is tailor-made for them because of its durable build quality. Small-sized and medium-sized households can purchase this device as this machine can be applied to purify both treated and untreated water. It also has the added ability to demolish chemical compounds in the water. The storage capacity is a whopping two gallon, and the filters have the ability to sterilize themselves and can purify up to 3000 gallons.

Sawyer Mini Water filtration
If you mostly while away your time outdoors but are paranoid about what water you are drinking, then this is the best option for you. It is so compact and mobile that you can carry it around in your hands. The filter weighs as less as two ounces, and if its not cumbersome to you, you can sip and walk while jostling through trees in the wilderness. Each filter has an incredible capacity to filter 100,000 gallons of water, and it should be remembered, that one needs to attach that with a standard water bottle. So if you are out camping or hitchhiking, this is the one for you.

Brita Small 5 cup
If you dont want to punch a massive hole in your pocket, then you can buy this device. It is not a traditional filter but a water dispenser and costs as little as 20$. Once your drip in water in this, it will make sure that even odd contaminants like cadmium gets eliminated. It has an e-filter which indicates the lifespan of a filter, and each filter purifies up to 40 gallons of water.

Brita 23.7
If you need filtered water to serve very few people, then this should be a go-to option. This water bottle is made of BPA free plastic and acts with its carbon filter to purify as much as 40 gallons of water. The water bottle is not fragile so you can wash it in the dishwasher and can fit itself inside most automobile cup holders. The manual instructs us to replace the filter after every two months of use, and this will accompany you to vacations where the source of water might be dubious.

Difference between dispensers and filters
Dispensers will only filter the water that you pour inside it, and as such only, your drinking water will get purified. But attaching filters to faucet will comprehensively ensure that all water in your food and beverages are purified. The most minimalistic filters make sure that your water tastes better, but the best ones ensure that your water is healthier than it was earlier.

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