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Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Review


Water purifiers have become an essential part of every home. The water supplied to the apartments is treated primarily to remove the various suspended particles and harmful contaminants such as germs, mercury, and pollutants. But the more significant part of the impurities remains mixed with water. They enter the water molecules and when consumed, can cause serious diseases. Therefore the water purifiers are meant to remove these impurities from the water which are present in its inner molecules and provide the safest drinking water.

Consuming water from certified water purifier can cause numerous benefits to our health. It reduces the possibility of cancer and lowers the chlorine level from water, which causes severe diseases like heart problems, asthma, and many others. The water purifiers come equipped with proper purifying techniques that can kill all the germs, bacteria, and virus present in the water. These techniques are far more effective than water boiled for a long time. The purifiers also improve the taste of the water and remove the bad odor from it. Thus you get to drink completely safe water that is free of any bad taste or smell.

aquasana - aq-ro-3 optimh2o reverse osmosis fluoride water filter

With the numerous variety of water filters available in the market today, the Aquasana OptimH2O RO System surely deserves a special mention. It has been built with superior water purification techniques and comes with a faucet. Therefore you get two utility units with this product, a superb water purifier, and a well-designed faucet.

Why should you buy the Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Water Filter?
This water purifier from Aquasana is a brilliantly crafted product that has got multiple useful features in it. The product can come to great help in those places where the people do not get proper drinking water as it is capable of removing 99 percent of germs and other impurities from water. It uses the best technologies that can make the water extremely suitable for consumption. Below are the features of the water purifier. You should go through them to understand the mechanism of the product better.

Equipped with Reverse Osmosis technique
The Aquasana OptimH2O RO System Water Filter has been fitted with a beneficial technology of Reverse Osmosis. In this technique, a partially permeable membrane is employed to remove all the ions, impure molecules, and other suspended particles from the water. The Reverse Osmosis technique can remove many types of chemical objects along with harmful microorganisms from the water like bacteria, virus, etc. It makes the water extremely safe for consumption.

This filter can prove very useful for those who live in rural areas. Those people do not get access to proper drinking water. The water available to them for drinking has got many impurities in it. Therefore this filter can effectively remove all those impurities from water and make it 100 percent safe for consumption.

Advanced Claryum selective filtration
This water purifier from Aquasana has been designed with the unique filtration technique of Advanced Claryum selective filtration. It is one of the latest technologies that have been invented to purify water. In this technique, the water gets purified to a higher level. All the impurities that still hold on after the reverse osmosis process get kicked off entirely with this technology. Therefore crystal clear water is obtained, which is 100% safe for consumption.

Built with the unique technique of remineralization
Many useful minerals are present in water from beforehand. But there are still some that get lost in various ways. In the process of remineralization, all the useful minerals that have got lost are added back to the water. The water thus obtained can be great medicine for curing dehydration, body pain, etc. As the water is full of all the necessary minerals, therefore it attains a substantial medicinal value.

While purifying the water through the reverse osmosis process, most of the beneficial minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium get removed along with other impurities. This water purifier has got a unique feature through which it restores all the lost minerals in the water and makes it extremely suitable for consumption. It also improves the pH balance of the water that is slightly alkaline.

Bid farewell to the harmful chemicals present in water
This Aquasana OptimH2O RO System is certified to remove all the toxic chemicals from the water that can be a massive threat for the human body. It removes 95% of Fluoride and Mercury; 96% of Chromium; 97% of Chlorine, Arsenic, and Chloramine; and 99% of Asbestos and Lead. The water purifier also removes other chemical contaminants from the water like pharmaceutical wastes, industrial pollutants, etc.

The reverse osmosis process is the only technique that is believed to have the ability to remove all the harmful chemical substances from water. It makes the regular tap water pure and safe for drinking. Therefore this purifier can pour out the water, which is entirely safe for drinking as it does not contain any harmful chemical contaminant in it.

Easy to replace the filters inside the purifier
This product is one of those first purifiers introduced in the market that does not bother the owner much during the change of the filters. The purifier has two filters installed in it. One is the Carbon filter, and the other one is the Claryum filter. These two filters need a change when they are done with their cleaning capacity and are not able to attract any more impurities towards them. But they have a straightforward process of replacement, unlike many other water purifiers available which are undoubtedly a great relief for the owner.

All other water purifiers available in the market today, and most of them have filters within them. But at the time of replacement of these filters, the owner has to contact a technician who comes home with his tools and changes the filters. It can be a bothering factor as a technician may not always be available to take up this job.

But this Aquasana OptimH2O RO System has a natural do it yourself replacement process. The filters can be easily twisted off and removed. The new filters fit in the same process. Therefore you can change the filters on your own and do not have to depend on somebody else or waste money every time the filters need to be replaced.
aquasana optimh2o

A mighty water purifier
The Aquasana OptimH2O RO System Water Filter is a mighty water purifying unit. It has the capacity to pour out 5 gallons of water in a single minute and 35 gallons of water in one day. It is surely a very high capacity. You can fill big vessels with purified water from this purifier in just a single minute. Therefore you will never run short of pure drinking water.

This water purifying unit is a perfect fit for homes with a large number of members or small offices. It can quickly provide drinking water to a lot of people in a short time. In the case of load shedding, you will never have to worry about water as you have already filled it in various vessels in a short time.

Improves the taste of the water
This water purifier from Aquasana has been built in such a way so that it can add an excellent feeling to the purified water. It improves the taste of water, and therefore all your food items will taste even better with water from this purifier.

There are many places where the supply water has an awful taste and odor. This water purifier frees the water from the bad taste and smell and adds a great flavor to it, which makes it tastier to consume.

The added benefit of a faucet
The Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Water Filter is combined with a beautiful faucet that is extremely durable. The faucet has numerous useful features that make it an extremely beneficial unit. It is completely made up of metal, which makes it very hardy, and it can sustain extensive uses. The faucet is 100 percent free of any lead content; therefore, it will not affect the quality of the drinking water at any cost.

There are three color variants available for the faucet. You can choose according to your choice or the one that will go with the interior of your kitchen. The valve has a very stylish built that will complement its surroundings to a great extent. It has a long spout with proper arch height. Therefore large vessels can be easily set under it for filling.

The faucet is operated with a single handle, which is very flexible and easy to use. Therefore you get a handy faucet unit with this water purifier from Aquasana. You do not need to buy one separately, thus save the right amount of money.

Few easy steps for installation
This water purifier from Aquasana is very easy to install. It just demands a few easy steps to complete the installation process. All the necessary accessories that will be required in the process of installation of the water purifier are provided by the manufacturer. Therefore you need to use them and fit the product in your kitchen without much effort.
aquasana optimh2o

The purifier is meant to have an under the sink installation. All the parts required for installation are provided along with the product in the packaging. The technician will have to use those accessories and fit the product in your kitchen.
aquasana optimh2o whole house

Low in maintenance
This water purifier is an extremely low-maintenance product. It is crafted extremely well and built durable. It would not break down unnecessarily. You can use it extensively for months after months before it would call for maintenance.

Technical specifications of the product 

Dimensions of the water purifier

12 * 4.5 * 12.5 inches

Weight of the purifier

12.8 pounds

Weight on shipping

22 pounds

Capacity of the filter

5 Gallons per minute and 35 gallons per day

Technologies used

Reverse osmosis, advance Claryum selective filtration, remineralization

Number of contaminants removed


Reduction percentage of Chlorine


Reduction percentage of Fluoride


Reduction percentage of Chromium


Reduction percentage of Asbestos


Reduction percentage of Lead


Minerals restored in water

Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium

Color of the purifier


Filters present

Carbon and Claryum

Rate of the flowing water

0.5 GPM

Number of faucets provided


Color of the faucet

Brushed Nickel

Material of the faucet


Finish of the faucet

Metal finish

Mode of installation

Under the sink

Manufacturing brand


Part number of the product


Product reference code




Review from the users

4 out of 5 stars amongst 80 reviews from the users



Salient features of the product

  • Equipped with the unique techniques of reverse osmosis, advanced Claryum selective filtration, and remineralization
  • Removes 88 different types of harmful chemicals from water
  • Chemicals like Fluoride, Mercury, Chlorine, Chromium, Arsenic, Asbestos, and Lead are removed up to 99% from water
  • A potent purification tool of high capacity
  • Can purify 5 gallons of water in a single minute and 35 gallons of water per day
  • Adds back the useful minerals of Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium to the water that are lost in the process of purification
  • Gives a very healthy form of water that is extremely fit for consumption
  • Built very tactfully so that the harmful substances do not flow back into the water
  • Removes only the impurities from water and retains the healthy components present in it
  • The purified water can be great medicine for dehydration and various types of body pains
  • Improves the pH balance of the water
  • Imparts an excellent taste to the water
  • Built with two filters
  • The filters can be replaced very quickly by the user
  • Comes along with a very stylishly built faucet
  • The faucet is made lead-free
  • Very easy to install the water purifier
  • Does not need much maintenance
  • Comes with a 2-year variable warranty

Drink the purest form of water
The Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Water Filter is designed in such a way that it can offer the maximum amount of purity to the drinking water. It uses the best techniques to ensure that the water is free from every possible contaminant.

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