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Aquasana 3-Stage Max Flow Under Sink Water Filter System with Brushed Nickel Faucet Review


Pure drinking water is the right of every living being. Our Earth stays covered with 70 percent of water, but it is sad to say that only a very few cents of it are suitable for use. And to talk about drinking water, thanks to our modern lifestyle, we do not have a few percents of it also left. It is the reason that the demand for water purifiers are increasing at a fast rate.

Today no one dares to drink water that comes directly from the tap. Instead, we prefer to have it from a water purifier. Water purifiers have become an essential part of our living today, and no house goes without installing one. They remove almost all of the impurities carried by the water and make it highly suitable for drinking and cooking.

Earlier people used boiling as a method of purifying water, but it is proved that only boiling is not enough. It is because the germs that remain inside the molecule of water cannot get eliminated with boiling. The water purifiers use numerous techniques to eradicate all the suspended as well as those germs that are deep within the molecules of water. Hence the water can be claimed to be 100 percent fit for drinking.

Many renowned brands manufacture superior water purifiers. But the Aquasana AQ-5300+ Max Flow Under Counter Unit water purifier is winning hearts since its launch in the market. It is built with multiple useful features along with numerous layers of purification processes. The purifier is tested to kill a lot of germs that most of the other purifiers fail to do. All in all, this water purifier from Aquasana is the best buy at the most affordable rate.

Where does this water purifier scores extra?

The Aquasana AQ-5300 + Max Flow under Counter Unit water purifier has got built with the latest technologies that can remove all the germs from the water. It makes water entirely safe for consumption in a short time the other amazing facts about this purifier gets mentioned in the article below. You should go through them thoroughly and decide whether this water purifier can be fit for you or not.

Built with three powerful stages of water purification

The Aquasana AQ-5300+ Max Flow Under Counter Unit water purifier from Aquasana has been built with three important stages of water purification that ensures that water is 100 percent free from germs and entirely safe for consumption. All these three stages are the results of the extensive research of the R&D team of Aquasana. These stages can be demonstrated as:

1st stage: Pre-Filter

The purifier Aquasana AQ-5300+ Max Flow Under Counter Unit, is equipped with a 20 micron of pre-filter that can attract rust, sediments, and silt present in the water that comes directly from the tap. Therefore this helps the ion-exchange to remove the heavy metals like lead and mercury from the water altogether. If living beings consume these heavy metals, then they can act as poison for their body. The water thus becomes free from harmful suspended impurities and heavy metals that would otherwise contaminate it to a greater extent.

2nd stage: Activated Carbon

There is an activated carbon filter present in the purifier that is capable of reducing all the organic chemical components from water. The natural chemical elements are the residues from pharmaceutical wastes, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and other volatile chemical compounds. These chemicals are very harmful to the digestive systems of human beings, and they can cause serious diseases.

The activated carbon has another benefit; that is, it can improve the taste of water. It can also eliminate the bad smell of chlorine from water. There are many places where the direct water from the tap has a bad taste and a distinctive odor. But thanks to this advanced technology from Aquasana, you can now safely consume water without any bad taste or smell.

3rd stage: Catalytic Carbon

Chlorine and ammonia are used to remove the infections from the water. But this process leaves a byproduct, that is, chloramines. This compound makes water unsafe for consumption, but this water purifier has a brilliant technique that can remove chloramines from water. The Catalytic Carbon filter can successfully reduce the chloramines from water and make it safe for drinking.

Then there is the ion-exchange filtration process that can remove all the heavy metals from water which would otherwise be poisonous for the human body. The Submicron (0.5) Mechanical Filtration process can captivate asbestos and chlorine resistant cysts like giardia and cryptosporidium, which are also very harmful. All of these filtration processes miss out on most of the water purifiers available in the market.

Claryum filtration technology

Aquasana has brought in the latest filtration technology of Claryum in its range of water purifier. Claryum filtration technology is one of the smartest techniques that are very much effective in removing the harmful contaminants from water. It reduces all the germs and wastes from water without disturbing the natural minerals present in it. Therefore with this technique, water gets purified completely while the useful minerals remain intact.

Claryum filtration technology is also capable of making water tastier and healthier. It adds sweetness to the purified water, which makes it very tasty for drinking. It also improves the taste of the beverages prepared from the water and the foods cooked with it.

Claryum technology restores useful minerals like Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium in water. These metals are incredibly beneficial for our body and get removed from water during various stages of purification. But the Claryum technology restores them and makes the water healthier. This technique is hard to find in other purifiers and thus makes this one a unique one.

Get access to pure water instantly

The Aquasana AQ-5300 + Max Flow under Counter Unit water purifier is a compelling one and works very fast. This unit has been built with 44 percent faster water flow rate. It is capable of purifying water very quickly. This purifier can pour out half a gallon of water in a minute. Therefore you can understand how fast it can function. It can promptly fill large water bottles in just a short time. All of your family will remain hydrated throughout the day.

At times, when there is not a single drop of drinking water present at home. Then you can get immediate access to water as soon as you switch on this water purifier from Aquasana. You will not have to wait for a long time before the purifier will start working and pouring pure drinking water.

Designed keeping environment in mind

The manufacturer has designed this water purifier in such a way that it does not have any adverse effect on the environment. This purifying unit is built intelligently with parts that are not made out of plastic. Therefore the amount of plastic disposal to the environment is minimized to the maximum level.

This purifier is mostly built out of non-plastic parts that are not harmful to Mother Earth. Thus no dangerous wastes are disposed of in nature, and our earth remains a better and healthier place to live in.

Easy to replace the filters

This water purifier from Aquasana has been engineered with the most accessible techniques of filter replacement. You can replace it yourself without bothering anyone else. There is no need to disconnect the hoses or water pipes connected to it. You need to twist the filter casing gently, and it comes off easily. Then you will have to fit the new filter within it and close it back. Therefore you can yourself change the filters and no need to pay any extra to a technician for the same job.

In case of other filters you need to call a technician, book an appointment, and stay free at home accordingly to gets your purifiers filters changed. But not anymore with this masterpiece from Aquasana as it ditches all the above complexities. The manufacturer believes that once you have invested in the purifier, you need not pay anything extra to a technician for replacing the filters.

A smart purifier that alerts the users

Those days, when you had to guess whether your purifiers filter needs to be changed or not, are gone. Call a technician to get it checked. The Aquasana AQ-5300 + Max Flow under Counter Unit water purifier is built extremely smart. It can alert the user when it is the perfect time to change its filter. Therefore you need not worry anymore and drink pure water without tension as this purifier will alert you at the right time.

One filter of this unit can purify up to 800 gallons of water, which is a considerable quantity. In another way, if you use the purifier at a stretch, then it will need a filter replacement after six months.

Coupled with a stylish faucet

This water purifier comes in a pair with a premium quality faucet that is exclusively designed for this unit. There are three variants of taps to choose from, and you can fit the one that suits your kitchen the most. The three options are brushed nickel, bronze, and chrome finish. You can choose according to the dcor of your kitchen.

These faucets are of exceptional quality and are made up of 100 percent metal. Therefore they are entirely safe for pouring out the drinking water from the purifier. The faucets are free of any minimum percentage of lead. They are quite durable and are used extensively for pouring out water.
aquasana aq-5300 review

The advanced technology of Bluetooth connection

The Aquasana AQ-5300 + Max Flow under Counter Unit water purifier is built with the most advanced technology of Bluetooth connection that is unique. With Bluetooth connection, you will be able to track down the gallons of water poured out by the filter. It can measure the impact the purifier has on the environment. You will receive alerts when the filter is low and needs a replacement. There are options to order a new filter instantly through the app. It also keeps a count of the amount of money saved by not buying drinking water bottles. Isnt that cool?

Technical specifications

Dimensions of the product

4.2 * 12 * 12.9 inches

Weight of the product

7 pounds

Capacity of a filter

800 gallons

Amount of Chlorine reduction


Reduction of harmful metals


Rate of the water flowing

0.72 gallons per minute

Method of installation

Under the sink

Life of a filter

6 months

Style of the product

Brushed Nickel

Batteries required

1 Lithium Metal Battery (provided)

Number of filter cartridges


Connectivity process


Flow of water faster by


Number of contaminants reduced


NSF standards certified

42, 53, and 401

Faucets included


Manufacturing brand


Product reference code




Reviews from users

4 out of 5 stars amongst 200 user reviews



Useful features of the product at a glance

  • One of the best performing water purifiers available in the market equipped with the smartest technologies
  • Can pour out water 44 percent faster than ordinary filters
  • Each set of the filter can purify up to 800 gallons of water
  • Capable of reducing 77 harmful contaminants from water
  • Can quickly eliminate heavy metals like lead, mercury, asbestos from water
  • Removes the residues of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, insecticides from water
  • Built with three stages of advanced purification processes
  • The Claryum technology removes the harmful wastes from water including Chloramines
  • Restores the useful minerals like Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium in water
  • Imparts an excellent taste to water eradicating its bad odor
  • Purifies water very fast
  • Built with non-plastic components that will not harm the environment
  • The filters can be easily replaced by the owner
  • The user gets alerts when the filters need to be changed
  • Comes with advanced Bluetooth connection that can give every minute details about the purifier
  • Paired with a stylish and durable faucet that is 100 percent lead-free

Get access to pure drinking water with this unit

The Aquasana AQ-5300 + Max Flow under Counter Unit water purifier surely has the best technologies installed in it. The water purified by this unit gets trusted for consumption.

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